Henry Vera Designs is on the cutting-edge of fashion

This company is one of the newest lifestyle clothing brands on the market. It’s clothing stands out amongst the rest as it combines Latin American flavor with classic American style.

The clothing collection overall includes casual wear for men and women. Its current line is based around denim and sportswear but accessories, fragrances, eyewear and watches are not far behind.

Henry Vera Designs launched and now operates from Miami, Florida. Owner and designer, Henry Vera strives to create and promote a clothing brand that can keep up with today’s casual wear trends. In a three-word slogan, the company describes itself as, “The Perfect Style.”

Vera was born in Peru and raised surrounded by the world of fashion his entire life, thank to his mother and father. As a child, Vera won artistry awards and also loved performing live. He later moved to Hollywood, California to follow his dreams of fashion and music.

He studied international business and music performance while playing semi-professional soccer and performing with a cover band. In 2001, he relocated to South Florida and founded a high-end home improvement company called Vera Castell. His move to South Florida really became profitable after Vera’s hit single reached the top 40 on the billboard charts.

All of these successes brought his to where he is today. Vera is now working towards becoming an established fashion designer. He focuses on casual wear for both men and women. He is truly an example of chasing the American Dream and is now designing and producing jaw-dropping fashion for men and women just like you!


The search for exclusive and wearable clothing is over. Designer, Henry Vera provides men and women with standout fashion that is one-of-a-kind. His complex and impressive background in art, music and sports has allowed the designer to create pieces of fashion that are created to be worn day to day but also appreciated for their construction and design.

Vera’s deep down artistic abilities bring design, color and concept all together in shirts, pants and more. In styles for both men and women, Henry Vera has created eye-catching pieces that can be worn day or night, casually or formally. Whether you love the tradition t-shirt and jeans or a more fashion forward look, Henry Vera has a designer piece just waiting for you.

In addition to our full line of tops for men and women, Henry Vera will also soon be releasing accessories, belts and more. Click through our website to browse the variety of clothing Henry Vera has created. Everything is available for purchase online, shipped directly to your home or office. High quality materials with distinctive colors, patterns, shapes and designs will leave you wanting more! Start or add to your Henry Vera collection today with just a few clicks.

henry-vera-about-us-secondThe Arrival Of Public Success

 Henry started performing locally in the South Florida music circles but never kept his eye off the prize. He collaborated in 2014 with Latin American Artist/Director Papi Sanchez to write, produce, and perform the hit, “Baby Llama.” The single reached “Top 40” on the “Billboard” charts and helped propel Henry Vera to the next level.

Slowly but surely the move to Miami started paying off as it allowed him to finally embark on the trifecta of his dreams… To become an established fashion designer in casual wear for Men and Women.

In September 2015, Henry Vera launched his album, “El Artista” with a lot of fanfare and media buzz in the great city of Los Angeles. With the subsequent launch of Henry Vera Designs right on the heels, Henry has in the span of almost 10 years done what others only dream of doing, yet never act upon. He has branded himself as a successful business owner, an established music entertainer, and soon to be a fashion mogul.

Dreams Materialized

 The gentleman known as Henry Vera truly epitomizes the meaning of chasing the American Dream.